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Trick or Treat for Weisenberg Township will be Saturday, October 31st, 2020, 6pm-8pm. (No rain date) Going around your neighborhood for goodies has been a pastime that many children get excited for. Dressing up as your favorite superhero or princess is a common to see. Be careful when crossing streets and have a flashlight or a glow stick on hand to light your way. Residents who would like to participate are encouraged to turn on their porch lights. Motorists should drive with extreme caution during this event.

Trick or Treat

Valley Road between Shale Head & Distillery Roads will be closed for culvert replacement starting on 10/19/20. The road is expected to be closed until early – mid December 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the following regularly scheduled public meetings of Weisenberg Township will be held remotely via ZOOM:

Board of Supervisors Meeting - Monday - 10/13/2020 - 7pm
Zoning Hearing Board Meeting - Wednesday - 10/14/2020 - 7pm (if required)
Planning Commission Meeting - Thursday - 10/29/2020 - 7pm (if required)

Board of Supervisors Meeting - Monday - 11/9/2020 - 7pm
Zoning Hearing Board Meeting - Wednesday - 11/11/2020 - 7:00pm (if required)
Planning Commission Meeting - Thursday - 11/19/2020 - 7pm (if required)

Board of Supervisors Meeting - Monday - 12/14/2020 - 7pm
Zoning Hearing Board Meeting - Wednesday - 12/9/2020 - 7pm (if required)
Planning Commission Meeting - Thursday - 12/17/2020 - 7pm (if required)
Board of Supervisors Close-Out Meeting - Tuesday - 12/29-2020 - 8 am

The Sept. 1st. Northern Lehigh Comp Plan Mtg. Originally scheduled to be held at the Germansville Fire Co. will now be held via ZOOM. Anyone interested in participating should contact Brian Carl @ Weisenberg & Lowhill Townships via phone at 610-285-6660 by 3 pm on the day of the meeting in order to obtain login information.

Brian C. Carl
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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Weisenberg Township is temporarily modifying operations of the Municipal Office.

The municipal office will remain open as normal (8:30-4:30, M-F) however we will be closing our office to the public in order to limit personal contact.

We will be happy to assist you via phone at 610-285-6660 or email at brian@weisenbergtownship.org.

If you are picking up a permit or dropping off a submission please call or email Janet at 610-285-6660 or janet@weisenbergtownship.org and she will make arrangements for this to occur.

The Planning Commission Meeting scheduled for 3/26 & Comprehensive Plan Workshop scheduled for 4/7 have been cancelled.

The Electronic Recycling Event scheduled for 3/28 has been cancelled.

All other Township services are currently operating as normal. We will continue to monitor the situation and further modifications may be put into effect.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Township Office at 610-285-6660. Please also check the Township website - weisenbergtownship.org for the latest updates.

Thank you,
Brian C. Carl
Township Administrator

Volunteer fire companies across the country are noticing a decrease in community volunteers at an alarming rate while experiencing an increase in operating expenses and call volume. More than 90% of Pennsylvania’s nearly 2,400 fire departments are volunteer which save Pennsylvania taxpayers an estimated 10 BILLION Dollars each year! There were approximately 300,000 volunteer fire fighters in Pennsylvania in the 1970s compared to less than 38,000 today. Here in Weisenberg Township our dedicated volunteer firefighters are facing the same trend. As a result, the Weisenberg Township Board of Supervisors has decided to join a growing list of communities and establish a fire tax in order to provide stable financial assistance to the Weisenberg Volunteer Fire Department starting in 2020.

The Board of Supervisors recognizes the importance of supporting the Volunteer Fire Dept. They also recognize that the township’s expenses are increasing as well. The township has always been the fire department’s largest contributor and was able to provide financial support by diverting funds away from the public works equipment fund and contributing much of the transfer tax revenue received from the sale of the warehouses along I-78 for construction of the fire station and purchase of fire equipment. This is no longer feasible; with the industrial parks being nearly built out, additional revenue from the sale of the buildings has slowed. As is the case with fire department expenses, township road equipment and infrastructure maintenance costs continue to rise. Having a stable fire department funding source will allow the fire department to maintain its high level of emergency response service that our community has grown to expect. It also means that we can assure that our volunteers have the resources to keep them as safe as possible. The separate fire tax will allow the township to focus its tax revenues on road maintenance and equipment replacement as was originally intended.

A well trained and well equipped fire department has resulted in an improved ISO rating for our community which equates to lower insurance premiums for property owners.

The township will establish a .44 mil fire tax in order to decrease the burden placed on our volunteers and will allow them to focus more on training and serving the community. Approximately 1/3 of the tax revenue will be used to cover the majority of the department’s operating expenses as well as support the volunteer firefighter retention program. The remaining revenue will be put into a capital savings plan to support future apparatus purchases, equipment replacements / upgrades, station repairs, etc. The fire department’s supporting membership will continue to run various fundraisers such as hoagie sales and the department’s yearly fund drive which solicits tax deductible contributions. The department will also continue applying for state and federal grants in order to offset expenses.

The .44 mil fire tax will be included as a line item on your yearly local real-estate tax bill which is mailed every spring. The cost per property owner will vary depending on how much your property is assessed. The .44 mil rate = $44.00 per every $100,000.00 of assessed value.

-18 acre vacant farmland with a taxable assessed value of $14,800.00 = $6.51 Fire Tax
-A 2-3 bedroom home on 1 acre with a taxable assessed value of $175,000.00 = $77.00 Fire Tax
-A 4-5 bedroom home on 1 acre with a taxable assessed value of $290,000.00 = $127.60 Fire Tax
-A commercial business with a taxable assessed value of $1,250,000.00 = $550.00 Fire Tax
-A large commercial warehouse with a taxable assessed value of $44,766,400.00 = $19,697.22 Fire Tax

While this revenue will ensure that the volunteer fire department can purchase the necessary equipment and cover their operating expenses they still require community members to volunteer their time. Weisenberg Township has approximately 5,000 residents but only about 30 residents volunteer as fire fighters and about 20 volunteer as supporting members. Our community is very fortunate to have this many dedicated volunteers as many of our surrounding fire departments have much fewer. However, our volunteers have hectic jobs and various other commitments. Many also have children that are involved in multiple activities. The more volunteers that the fire department has, the easier it is for everyone. More community members that are willing to volunteer would decrease the workload of our current dedicated volunteers. Training is provided at no cost and there is no minimum required time commitment. All equipment is provided at no cost and various incentives are available. Junior fire fighters can join at age 14 and you’re never too old. There are many tasks to perform at a volunteer fire department including firefighting, community education, equipment and building maintenance, general housekeeping, fundraising, etc. As stated above, volunteers save Pennsylvania taxpayers approximately 10 BILLION Dollars each year! Please consider volunteering today.
For more information please contact Weisenberg Township at 610-285-6660 or visit weisenbergtownship.org or weisenbergfire.com

Spring is brush fire season in our region. Area fields are full of dry crop residue, wooded areas are covered in dry leaves and yards haven’t turned green yet. The mixture of low humidity, high winds and plenty of available items on the ground to burn can make for a very dangerous situation. The Township monitors weather conditions daily and may place a temporary restriction on burning until conditions improve. Please be aware that while Spring is historically the most common time of year for burn bans, they can be enacted at any time as a result of drought or other weather related events.

Burn bans are enacted every time a Fire Danger Weather Related Warning is issued for our area by the National Weather Service. These notices include the following:

-Fire Weather Watch
-Enhanced Threats for Fire Spread
-Red Flag Warnings

Burn bans apply to all open fires! For more information regarding regulations for burning including acceptable items to burn, hours of burning, setbacks, etc. please review the Township’s Burn Ordinance.

Ways that you can find out if a burn ban is in effect:

-Contact the Lehigh County 911 Center, Non-emergency # 610-437-5252
(Note: Per Twp. Ord. All open burns must be reported to the County 911 Center via this #)

-Contact the Township office at 610-285-6660 during normal business hours

-Sign-up for weather alerts from the National Weather Service. If an alert is issued related to fire weather in our Township then open burning is prohibited during the times specified in the alert.

The four Townships in the Northwestern Lehigh School District have come together in a unified effort to honor our local Veterans with a permanent memorial. Do you know a veteran? Please contact the Memorial Committee @ nwlehighvetsmemorial@gmail.com or visit our website at https://nwlehighvetsmemorial.org
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With the school year in full swing we would like to remind motorist of the rules of bus stop safety.
When you see flashing YELLOW lights on a school bus this means slow down and be prepaired for the bus to stop for school student at a bus stop. When you meet or come upon a stopped school bus with RED flashing lights and arm extenedm YOU MUST STOP. You must stop at least 10 feet away from a school bus.
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No one likes to see trash along the road or in their yards. Additionally debris falling or tossed from vehicles create traffic hazards and are dangerous.

Please help prevent this by taking a couple of extra minutes to secure your loads. Whether you’re hauling trash, yard waste or just forgot that you have something loose in your pickup truck bed or trailer these items routinely end up along our roads. Please chip in and help keep our community clean & safe.


Weisenberg Township is now in the Quarantine Area for Spotted Lanternfly. Attached is a map supplied to us from Lehigh County. HERE

Would you like to learn more about this invasive insect?
*Why should you be concerned?
*What is the biology and life cycle?
*How does the quarantine order affect residents?
*What can you do to help?
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Lehigh County Conservation District has a supply of sticky tree bands available for residential use. LCCD also offers education training for community groups and homeowners. To learn more please contact LCCD @ 610-391-9583.

Welcome To Weisenberg Township

Located in beautiful Northwestern Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Weisenberg Township is 26.8 square miles of mostly rural, rolling hills. Established in 1753, Weisenberg is now home to some 5,000 residents. The Township is bordered by Upper Macungie to the South, Lowhill to the East, Lynn to the North and Berks County to the West. More than 25% of the Township is comprised of preserved farmland and open space. Except for the homes near the Southeastern corner of the Township, most homes are on lots of 1 acre or greater with on-lot well & septic. The Township also has a growing number of businesses that operate manufacturing and distribution facilities along its I-78 corridor.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the Township and hope that you find the content helpful and informative. If you have any questions or require additional assistance please contact us during normal business hours, M-F, between 8:30 am & 4:30 pm or attend a public meeting.

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