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We’ve received multiple inquiries regarding the status of the Zoning Appeal which has been previously postponed & Development plans for 2501 Golden Key Rd.

Please note that Golden Key Developers will be on the August 13th regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors Agenda to discuss the plans for their property. This is a public meeting which will begin at 7 pm at the Township office. All interested parties are invited to attend.

The following roads are tentatively scheduled to receive oil & chip seal in 2018.

- Folk, Heffner, Foxfield, Hayfield, Timberline, Bartholomew, Kecks, Klines Mill, Vine, Windswept, Wood, Cemetery, Helfrich, Greene Hill, Packard, Kern, Ashley, Kramer, Timothy, Chester, Schoolhouse and Lieby.

Weather permitting, work is scheduled to start during the week of 6/18/2018.

* Please note, that this list may be modified.

Oil & Chip

Long-time Supervisor, Thomas Wehr announces retirement & resignation from the Board.

Mr. Wehr joined the Board of Supervisors on January 1, 1992 and served 6 years. He rejoined the Board of Supervisors on February 7, 2000 and remained on the Board to the present. Mr. Wehr helped to lead the Township through a period of controlled growth in residential and commercial development which has established a sound financial basis for the Township to provide services for the improvement of the quality of life of its residents.

Mr. Wehr played a leading role in shaping the community as we know it today and was involved in numerous projects and organizations over his tenure including the Weisenberg Township Planning Commission, Weisenberg / Lowhill Historical Society, Northwestern Recreation Committee, Weisenberg Volunteer Fire Department, The Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan for the Northern Region of Lehigh County as well as the Development of the Weisenberg Park and Weisenberg Fields. He was also dedicated to preserving open space and controlling development in the Township as well as improving public safety for our residents.

Mr. Wehr’ s consistent calm, polite and level headed approach will be missed by everyone.

Mr. Wehr’s resignation was accepted by the Board members at the May 14, 2018 meeting. The Board recognized Mr. Wehr’s years of dedicated service to Weisenberg & wished him well in his retirement.

Supervisors Linda Gorgas & Anthony Werley appointed life-long resident, Richard Bleiler to fill the vacant Supervisor Seat at the May 14, 2018 Board Meeting.

Richard is a life-long resident of Weisenberg Township. He is a familiar face to the Township and has served on the Township’s Planning Commission since December of 1978. Richard has served as Chairman for the majority of his 40 years on the Planning Commission.

Richard lives in the northern section of Weisenberg where he actively farms several hundred acres of land. Richard will complete the remaining term of retired Supervisor Thomas Wehr.

The Old US 22 Road swap between Weisenberg Township & PennDOT was completed on June 4th. PennDOT’s Road Swap program allows municipalities to trade certain higher volume roads for a lower volume PennDOT road. Weisenberg Township has been working with PennDOT for several years to accomplish this trade. The traffic on Old 22 has increased, especially since it serves as the official detour route for Interstate 78. In addition to the trade, PennDOT also provides funding to upgrade the new roads taken by the municipality.

As of 6/4/18, Old US 22 (full length from Upper Macungie Twp. line to Greenwich Twp. line) is now a PennDOT owned road. New Smithville Rd (full length from Golden Key Rd. to Old 22) and Kecks (from Seipstown Rd to Old 22) are Weisenberg Township Owned Roads.

You have been identified as a property owner on the MetEd, 879 transmission line. You were initially notified in early 2017 by FirstEngergy Service Company, on behalf of MetEd of the itent to complete vegetation maintenance work on the above mentioned transmisssion line. Due to unforseen circumstances, the planned herbicide work was not completed in 2017. The purpose of this letter is to re-notify you that MetEd has scheduled this work to be completed in the summer of 2018, typically between June and August.

All herbicide applications will be performed by Fogelsville using EPA registered herbicides. If you or a member of your family discussed and agreed upon special conditions for the use of herbicides on your property with a MetEd representative, after the initial notification was received in 2017, these special conditions will be implemented as originally agreed upon unless further contact is made by FirstEngergy or Fogelsville personnel.

Again, this letter is notification for the application of herbicides only. All other vegetation maintenance work on your property was completed in 2017 adhering to the original planned time frame. Additional vegetation maintenance work may be required on your property in 2018 if MetEd deems that there is vegetation that poses an immediate threat to reliability of its facilities.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this delay in herbicide application may cause and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our ongoing efforts to provide safe and reliable electric service to our customers.

If you have any questions, concerns or special conditions, please contact Logan Wood (610) 209-5354.
Logan Wood
MetEd - Work Planner

Weisenberg Township is now in the Quarantine Area for Spotted Lanternfly. Attached is a map supplied to us from Lehigh County. HERE

Would you like to learn more about this invasive insect?
*Why should you be concerned?
*What is the biology and life cycle?
*How does the quarantine order affect residents?
*What can you do to help?
For more information please click HERE

Welcome To Weisenberg Township

Located in beautiful Northwestern Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, Weisenberg Township is 26.8 square miles of mostly rural, rolling hills. Established in 1753, Weisenberg is now home to some 5,000 residents. The Township is bordered by Upper Macungie to the South, Lowhill to the East, Lynn to the North and Berks County to the West. More than 25% of the Township is comprised of preserved farmland and open space. Except for the homes near the Southeastern corner of the Township, most homes are on lots of 1 acre or greater with on-lot well & septic. The Township also has a growing number of businesses that operate manufacturing and distribution facilities along its I-78 corridor.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the Township and hope that you find the content helpful and informative. If you have any questions or require additional assistance please contact us during normal business hours, M-F, between 8:30 am & 4:30 pm or attend a public meeting.

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