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Board Of Supervisors - About

Weisenberg Township Weisenberg Township is a Second Class Township as classified in the Second Class Township Code Act of May 1, 1933. The Township is governed by a Board of Supervisors composed of three members.

Each is elected by the registered voters of Weisenberg Township and serves a term of six years. Some of the responsibilities of the Board include budgeting and appropriating funds, adopting ordinances and resolutions to establish rules and regulations and overseeing the maintenance of Township owned equipment, facilities and roads.

Board of Supervisors (Elected 6-year Term)
   Anthony C. Werley    Board Member    Term expires 1-1-2022
   Linda Gorgas    Vice Chairperson    Term expires 1-1-2018
   Thomas N. Wehr    Board Member    Term expires 1-1-2020

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